What They Say About Us

From our Residents

"My children chose the best place I could possibly ever live in, and now I know they are always right!"
- Rita W.

“There were several reasons why I chose The Lake Merritt. The hotel was originally built in 1927 and is a lovely, restored Art Deco building. It is much smaller than the other places I saw - only 46 residents. The food is excellent, served in a beautiful restaurant, The Terrace Room, which is open to the public and has panoramic views of Lake Merritt. They offer intellectual and cultural stimulation plus transportation.”   - Marcia P.

"I never feel lonely and there are friendly staff and residents." - Betty G.

“I really appreciate my fellow residents at the Lake Merritt. They are intelligent, progressive and caring. We enjoy spending time with each other and have developed meaningful friendships here. This is a big reason I feel so comfortable with the community here.”   - Bob W.

"I love the building. When I first saw it, it was like WOW! I love the design, and I love my apartment. I was impressed with the Conversations Program." - Florence S.

"I told my children "Well, ok. I'll look, but don't be thinking I'll move into one of those places." Then we came to the Lake Merritt and I thought "I could be happy living here, and I am. It is truly independent living. No institutional flavor to it. The staff seems to operate on the principle of trying to give residents a happy, comfortable and interesting daily life, instead of decreeing rules and schedules designed for their own convenience. This is as beautiful an urban setting as you could find anywhere. I never tire of seeing Lake Merritt from the blue in the morning to the sparkling at night.”  - Meghan C. 

From the Children of our Residents

        "The Lake Merritt has been a fantastic home for Frank and we have extremely been fortunate to have you all providing such a wonderfully warm, inviting and stimulating environment for him.  The lake and the view from the Terrace Room gave him a spectacular post where he could study and follow the seasonal changes of the birds.  Your staff are exceptional and we have truly appreciated their love and concern for his daily well-being.  Many thanks to you and your staff and all the residents for creating such a fine place or Frank to call home or the last five years."  - Caitlin T.

        "Today Mother and I were out for breakfast. I asked her if she ever gets depressed [at The Lake Merritt]...... Her reply, with huge enthusiasm, was: 'No, not at all. I feel so loved there. Those people are my friends. They really care about me. Ryan treats me like I was his grandmother. Lupe is my good friend--she sings to me and makes me laugh. Sandy is just the sweetest little thing. Stephanie is willing to do anything in the world for me. I just don't see how I could be in a better place.'  Guess you can't do much better than that" - Tanya S.

        "Ryan [Programming Director] is such a treasure. We love hearing about the excursions he plans and the kindness and enthusiasm with which he treats everyone. Thank you. - Lilly K.

        "I recommend The Lake Merritt with complete confidence, and with gratitude.  From the beginning, every interaction I had with the management, the staff, and the residents was perfect.  It was the best decision.  My mom lived there for two years before she passed away this summer, and I am grateful that she lived those years in a community of caring, friendly, intelligent, charismatic people.  The apartments are beautiful, the restaurant has the most gorgeous view and delightful menu, the activities are interesting and challenging...but the people involved with the Lake Merritt Hotel are what make it special. Every person there, from the restaurant staff, to the concierge at the front desk, to the handy men - all became friends, people I truly looked forward to seeing every time I visited my mom. They treated her so well and made her feel special.  And the other residents are welcoming, interesting, and for lack of a better word, FUN!  I simply don't have enough words to express my gratitude and my whole-HEARTED recommendation." - Allyn L.

        "The Lake Merritt Independent Senior Living facility on Lake Merritt in Oakland is a wonderful place...The management and staff could not be nicer. The facility is immaculate. They have concierge service and they have transportation provisions. Not only taking the guests to nearby stores but also to museums and other outings. It's a terrific place." - Dave G.

        "The Lake Merritt is wonderful.  It is like a large family where everyone cares about everyone.  The staff is so caring and kind, the apartments are spacious with 1920s details and we love how the restaurant is for both the residents and the public.  We moved my mom in 2 years ago.  She is so happy living at the Lake Merritt." - Marlee T

        “The physical beauty of the place, the amazing activities, the food, the lovely apartments and the uplifting atmosphere all create a perfect community. I cannot praise this place enough!...The most impressive aspect of this place is the staff. Every interaction I have had has been met by care, concern, understanding and problem solving solutions. There is laughter, kindness, and a tremendous sense of heartfelt care. I told them I am putting in my reservation for myself in 30 years!” - Delisa S.

        “I have visited my mom from time to time and been so happy to find her watching a Thai cooking demonstration or doing chair yoga or some other cool thing.  Then I will join my mom for lunch or dinner in the beautiful Terrace Room with its wrap-around windows that overlook Lake Merritt with its gliding birds and necklace of lights.  The Terrace Room is open to the public--many rent it for weddings or come for their weekend champagne brunch.  Because of this, I think, the food is quite good.”   - Julie S.

From the Press

Oakland Heritage Alliance News praised: "Berger's million dollar renovations" that have restored the building's "Art Deco details," offering "a lovely venue" with an "unbeatable view of the lake."

The New York Times hailed Oakland as #5 of the top 45 place in the world to visit this year!  There really is a "there, there!"

The Associated Press stated "Oakland has a lot to offer, from elegant neighborhoods and beautiful parks to a thriving food an arts scene."


Vintage postcard from around 1927


Bartenders are waiting


Enterance to the Cascade Terrace


Dance Ticket


The garage with wonderful old cars


Dining Room ready for guests