Ryan and Frankie Present: Good Times, Great Grooves

March 4th @ 3:30pm
Topics of Merritt
Ryan and Frankie Present: Good Times, Great Grooves

The dictionary calls them "rhythmic patterns in popular or jazz music." We may call them "fat," "slinky," or "wet," to name a few. But a groove isn't about words -- it's about feel.

Join The Lake Merritt's Program Director, Ryan Wilcox, and his best bud, Frankie Garland, to go on a meandering, rump-shaking, taste-making musical tour of some great grooves. In a live podcast format, they'll riff off of each other while sharing some grooves they love in a variety of contemporary styles.

Ryan and Frankie are two music lovers and musicians who have attended over 30 concerts together and played one show together with only one microphone in a small SF coffee house. They met as members of the Cal Marching Band.

All attendees will receive one free playlist of great grooves curated by your hosts!

RSVP to rsvp@thelakemerrittsenior.com to get the Zoom link.