Poetry Reading by Oakland
Youth Poet Laureate Finalists

February 4th @ 3:30pm
Topics of Merritt
Poetry Reading by Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Finalists

The Oakland Youth Poet Laureate (YPL) program is an unprecedented citywide effort to celebrate literacy through poetry and connect young writers to far-reaching opportunities. Each year, the Laureate and all the Finalists are invited to serve as ambassadors for literacy, arts and youth expression with ongoing opportunities for performances, projects, scholarships and peer support.

Today, we'll hear readings from 2019 YPL Finalist, Zouhair Mussa, and 2020 Finalist, Hunter Jackson. Both poets will read a selection of original poems and converse with you, the audience, about their work.

Hunter (they/them) is in 10th grade and writes mainly about mental health, using their poetry as a coping mechanism. Other than writing, they really enjoy acting and cosplay (dressing up as characters). 16-year old Zouhair (Zou for short) is a poet, rapper and spoken word performance artist currently attending Oakland High.

Come engage with the writers of tomorrow, this Thursday!

Please RSVP to rsvp@thelakemerrittsenior.com for your Zoom link.