Personalized Yoga


Yoga instructor Bethany Hobbs offers three weekly classes for our residents at The Lake Merritt: Chair Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation and Balance Awareness. Her work focuses on breath, balance, stretching and strengthening the body as well as the mind, so that older adults can help keep both their minds and bodies fit and relaxed.

“These classes offer something that anyone can do and we have a wonderful group of residents at The Lake Merritt who are involved,” Bethany said. “All classes are designed to meet an individual’s abilities and we adapt the movements to all shapes, sizes and levels of experience. Our residents have a lot of fun and the sessions are full of friendship and encouragement," Bethany added.

Many residents enjoy the Chair Yoga class. About 90% of the class is spent in chairs although the group recently added time for optional standing balance and alignment work, which helps with posture, breath capacity, joint mobility and keeps the blood flowing.

Bethany Hobbs has been the resident yoga instructor at The Lake Merritt for seven years. Her teaching style focuses on the development of deepening self-awareness through thoughtful and individualized sequencing of movements and breath. She holds certifications in adaptive yoga and holistic health forms such as therapeutic yoga for people living with cancer, yoga nidra meditation and yoga for people with disabilities. She has taught for over 11 years and her work largely centers around the well-being and inclusion of the older adult.