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The Lake Merritt's Public Programs

We’re proud to present a variety of events which are open to the public and designed to be of special interest to Bay Area older adults and our residents.

Frequently our presenters include distinguished medical professionals and researchers, wellness coaches and top-notch care givers. We also present programs by local historians, naturalists and others who are happy to share their expertise with us.

Our goal is to provide our residents and friends with relevant information which enriches their life experience.

March 1st @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Cannabis 101: How it Works and What it Can Do For You 
Presented by Papa & Barkley

Join Papa & Barkley at The Lake Merritt for a discussion about the healing power of cannabis. During this free event, a medical professional will review the plant’s medicinal history and provide an overview of the plant’s natural compounds and how they interact with your body. This presentation will help you decipher if and how the plant can work for you, so you can make informed decisions about incorporating cannabis into your wellness and pain management routines. Papa & Barkley, a producer of medicinal cannabis products, is passionate about holistic solutions and they want to share that passion with you. This is an informational talk -- no products will be sold.

February 22nd @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Broadway's Legendary Composers: Rodgers and Hart
Presented by Bonnie Weiss

Richard Rodgers is the composer half of two of the most successful songwriting teams in Broadway history - Rodgers & Hart and Rodgers & Hammerstein. In our one-hour presentation, we'll concentrate on Rodgers early life and the first half of his career, when Lorenz Hart was his lyric-writing partner.

Together they wrote the scores for such hit shows as A Connecticut Yankee, The Boys from Syracuse, Babes in Arms, On Your Toes and Pal Joey and some of musical theatre's most memorable melodies: “My Funny Valentine”, “Where or When”, “Falling in Love with Love”, “Thou Swell” "Bewitched", and a host of others.

February 15th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
The Evolution of Dance
Presented by Bianca Brzezinski

Hail the power of dance! Since the beginning of time, dance has been a ritualized art form of thanksgiving, performance and celebration of the human spirit. Come learn about the history and evolution of dance forms and cultures from professional dancer, Bianca Brzezinski.

Listen, watch and (optional) participate in a communal dance honoring the essence of what we are: pure movement! Check out more about Bianca and the dance collective Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater at www.opalstreet.org

February 8th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
The First Study of Basic Income in the United States
Presented by Elizabeth Rhodes

Basic income is a bold idea to end poverty, improve economic security, and smooth the transition as technological advances and economic dynamics reshape the nature of work. Basic income is an unconditional cash transfer guaranteed to all individuals—there are no work requirements, means tests, or restrictions on how the money can be spent.

Public interest in the idea has skyrocketed as many have realized that current social spending fails to adequately meet people’s needs and prepare them for rapid changes in the labor market. Despite the buzz, no researchers have taken on the challenge of exploring what a basic income really means for individuals in the US. Y Combinator Research is bringing together leading researchers and leveraging the technical expertise, ingenuity, and operational strengths of Silicon Valley. This project is the first step toward defining a new social contract for the 21st century.

Come hear from researchers who are working on this potentially groundbreaking study right here in Oakland!

February 1st @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
A Generational Interpretation of Modern History
Presented by Daniel Cortes

What led us here? Who led us here? Rediscover the melodrama that is modern history as we look at the generations that made it. Generational Theory expert Daniel Cortes will focus mainly on American history as interpreted in the influential works of William Strauss and Neil Howe. He will also discuss critiques and alternative theories.


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