Mickey & Judy Part 1
(A Bonnie Weiss Presentation)

January 21st @ 3:30pm
Topics of Merritt
Mickey & Judy Part 1
Presented by Bonnie Weiss

Famed choreographer/director Busby Berkeley once described Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland as "the greatest kid performers in show business". MGM studios agreed and starred them in a series of smash hit "let's put on a show" movie musicals. In this series, we'll explore what made Mickey and Judy such a terrific and amazingly versatile team.

Today, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful song and dance scenes from their film, "Babes in Arms," as well as fascinating newsreel footage of the two young stars romping off screen, plus scenes of Mickey and Judy as youngsters performing in their parents' vaudeville acts.