“The residents tell me it is very calming and beneficial!” - Meghan 

The Lake Merritt is proud of its resident-driven programming and its responsiveness to the interests of its community. Following a yoga class some of the residents asked long-time meditation practitioner and fellow resident Meghan Collins if she would be interested in starting and leading a meditation group.

Today Meghan leads a silent meditation group every Monday’s at 5 p.m. in the community’s conference room. A Zen practitioner for 35 years and lay teacher for 12 years, Meghan has designed the practice group to be non-denominational, open to all residents, with no requirements for believers or non-believers. Interest and participation in the group has grown over the four years since its inception.

“It is a peaceful meditation that we do at the end of the day,” Meghan explained. “We sit in a chair and I start us off with a little instruction. Sometimes I offer a little suggestion to bring forth a special mindfulness. Recently, I have been focusing on nature because we live in a city. It is very reviving to the spirit to bring mindfulness to our environment and broaden our awareness through our senses to notice trees that surround us, the plants blooming and the birds singing,” she said.

The 25-minute meditation sessions support what many medical professionals have been claiming all along: that mediation can reap health benefits. The National Institute of Health has featured meditation on its website, describing its long history of use for “increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being.”

The Lake Merritt’s programs for residents are designed to enhance the well-being of its members and we salute Meghan Collins for her contribution and leadership in our community.