Growing Old:
What It's All About

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Growing Old: What It's All About
(exclusive book release talk)

Why do I worry about growing old? Am I the only one who feels invisible? What are the perks and pleasures of old age? How should I spend my last years, months, days as I grow old? Do other Elders experience discrimination because they are old? Can I really embrace a meaningful life during the waning years of my journey? Growing Old: What It’s All About offers an insider’s look at what aging—the good and the bad—is really like. The author shares her own story, research, and insights as well as the thoughts and feelings of 125 other Elders.

Dr. Diane Livingston (Ph.D.) is a resident of The Lake Merritt - Independent Senior Living. She worked as a clinical and forensic psychologist for several decades. During that time, she taught at several universities and had a private practice in clinical psychology for adults. She also worked with convicted felons at a maximum-security prison hospital. At 67, she retired and traveled to the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico where she spent almost 10 years working with Maya Indians. She is the mother of three, the grandmother of six, the great grandmother of two, and the guardian of one beloved cat.

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